hooked to the rush of approaching chaos (brigid) wrote in boston_organics,
hooked to the rush of approaching chaos

a bit off topic

this seemed like it might be an appropriate community to ask this in though;

what would be a good resource for finding a naturopath or a homeopath or some sort of integrated healthcare type place in the boston area?
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If you are North of Boston, I shamelessly recommend Andrea Gordon, a colleague at the Malden Family Health Center, and a fellow faculty member at the Tufts University Family Medicine Residency ( http://tuftsfmr.org/ -> Faculty and Residents -> Malden-based Faculty -> Andrea E. Gordon, MD ). In general, best way to get an Integrative Medicine Consult with her is to see one of the Family Medicine Residents for a consult about the problem and an orientation to the Health Center (or select a resident as your primary doctor if you don't have one elsewhere), and then ask for a consult with Dr. Gordon.